Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Stitching Stash Blast #4 {link-up}

It is week four of the Summer Stitching Stash Blast. 

What a week! This week Holden turned 19 years old, so we did a little celebrating on his birthday. Then another day the boys and I spent the day at the beach. We had a great day! We love the beach and hope to make it to the beach at least once a week this summer. Also, I have been a little under the weather, and I hope it passes soon. 

Now about my stitching this week! After noticing my cross stitch project had a mistake last week, I decided to take a break for it and work on another simple embroidery project from my stash. I knew I had a couple sackcloth towels in my stash, but I wasn't sure what to do with them. I checked out Pinterest and decided to stitch a sugar skull. I intend to give the finished towel to my cousin. 

I found free printable coloring pictures here. I printed a couple and then transferred one onto the cloth with tracing paper. It was too light though, so I went over it with my transfer pen. Then I picked out the embroidery floss from my stash. 

I am almost finished with it. I should be done, but I didn't work on it for several days because of the busyness of the week and my low spirits. I hope to finish it soon and start working on another. 

What have you been working on? Link up below! 

The rules:

- Write a blog post showcasing your current and recently completed needlework and sewing projects. If you would like to combine your stitching post with another topic, such as a daybook, weekend happenings, book review or what your wore to church, that is cool with me.

- Any post that is not about needlework, sewing, or stitching in some form will be removed from the link-up, as will any post that is offensive. (I do not see that happening, but I need to say it.) See the first post for a the full description of needlework. 

- Please place a link to the most current Summer Stitching Stash Blast in your post so other stitchers can find the link-up.

- Show the other bloggers some love by visiting them and leaving a comment. We all know how hard it is sometimes to finish a project. A little encouragement may be just what she needs to complete her project.  

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