Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Stitching Stash Blast #12 {link-up}

It is week twelve of the Summer Stitching Stash Blast. 

I finished the Doctor Who cross-stitch! Yay! My sister-in-law, Abby, loved it. I have moved on to a pumpkin cross-stitch that I started about ten months ago. As for my blanket, I only have two and half balls of yarn left to knit. I will finish it this week. I am determined! 

What are you working on currently? Have you finished any projects recently? Tell me about them in the comments or link-up a blog post below! 

The rules:

- Write a blog post showcasing your current and recently completed needlework and sewing projects. If you would like to combine your stitching post with another topic, such as a daybook, weekend happenings, book review or what your wore to church, that is cool with me.

- Any post that is not about needlework, sewing, or stitching in some form will be removed from the link-up, as will any post that is offensive. (I do not see that happening, but I need to say it.) See the first post for a the full description of needlework. 

- Please place a link to the most current Summer Stitching Stash Blast in your post so other stitchers can find the link-up.

- Show the other bloggers some love by visiting them and leaving a comment. We all know how hard it is sometimes to finish a project. A little encouragement may be just what she needs to complete her project.  

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