Monday, July 25, 2016

My Sunday Best #4

Well, I didn't manage to link up with Rosie last week for My Sunday Best, but do not fear I have a picture and a story to tell from last week. 

Last Sunday I wore a hand-me-down dress from Motherhood Maternity. I have no idea how many years old it is, but I wish I could buy a few more in different colors. I love that it has sleeves. I do not like going sleeveless. I currently own five dresses that I can wear, but only two of them I feel comfortable wearing without a cardigan. It has been so hot that even my summer cardigans are too uncomfortable to wear. And I had to wear flip-flops to Mass again because my foot is still healing! 

Okay, time for the funny story that happened last Sunday. Chris has been dropping Ralph and I close to the entrance of the church because of my sore foot, and then parking the car before he and Thomas join us inside. Let me set this up properly, me a 40-year-old pregnant woman and a cute 8-year-old boy holding hands while walking into Church together. Well, as we were walking into the church, a man approached me and said "Good Morning." I replied with a smile and "Hello." Then he stepped a bit closer to me and asked, "Are you single because if you are, I would like to take you out to breakfast." His question caught me off guard, so all I did was chuckle at first. Then I politely told him I was married. He responded, "Oh well, it was worth a try", and then continued to walk us in while talking about the weather. After we had blessed ourselves with the holy water, we parted ways. It left me feeling bewildered and a bit embarrassed! But the feeling passed, and I was able to laugh about it with Chris after Mass. 

      23 weeks                                                /                                         24 weeks           

Yesterday, I decided to wear capris because of the heat and not wanting to wear a cardigan with a dress (as I explained above). Everything I wore was older Motherhood Maternity. I like the shirt a lot because it has just enough of a sleeve to cover my upper arm, but no so much sleeve that I would have been too hot. I finally got my foot into my brown sandals (from Kohls several years ago), but unfortunately, it is not comfortable to wear my black sandals yet.

Have a happy and relaxing week! 

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