Thursday, September 1, 2016

{JEI} A New Link-Up

The other day Alicia, blogger at Sweeping Up Joy, contacted me to let me know about a new link-up that she was hosting along with several other bloggers. It is called Just Enough Info (JEI) and is serving the purpose of building a community for The Zelie Group. I am thankful that she reached out to me because being a part of the online Catholic mom community is one of the main reasons that I continue to update this little blog of mine. If you would like to know more about The Zelie Group, please read this post from Alicia. 

Now on to the questions and answers! 

1. What is your best school memory from your childhood?

My favorite school memories are the four Renaissance feasts that I was a part of during high school. Every year our huge school chorus would put on the feast as a fundraiser. There were a king and queen, their court and jester, traveling players and minstrels. And of course, there were wenches to serve the multiple course meal. Every year I was a wench, and my senior year I was promoted to head wench! Fun times! 

March 1993 - My junior year of high school, wearing the required all black outfit of the wenches. The school provided us with a royal blue apron to wear over our black clothes. 

2. Do you have any back-to-school family traditions? 

Actually no. Unless you count researching curriculum or maybe how I manage to squeeze in one last day trip to the beach and Dairy Queen for a Blizzard before we start the new school year. I should probably start a yearly tradition. It sounds like it could be fun. This year our homeschool support group had an impromptu end-of-summer-vacation pool party. Maybe we could make that our back-to-school tradition. 

Here I am resting my swollen from pregnancy feet at my favorite beach spot. 

3. Markers or colored pencils? 

If I have to choose between markers and colored pencils, my pick is colored pencils. Definitely. The only markers we keep are dry erase markers. Mostly, I am a crayon girl. I have always loved the big, big box of crayons. 

We love crayons!

That was fun! 

Please be sure to check out the other bloggers that are participating in the link-up this week. If you are a blogger, consider joining the link-up. If you are a reader and would like to participate, you can answer the questions in the comment section! 
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