Monday, May 29, 2017

My Sunday Best #11: I am Old and Tired!

Well hello again! If you read last week's My Sunday Best post you may have noticed that it was #9, so you may be wondering why this week's post is #11. The truth is that last week's post should've been #10, but I am too old and too tired, and my brain just can't keep up! I am just going to move forward with the correct post number like last week didn't happen. Thanks for understanding! 

Can you help me? 

I am tired. I am old. I need help, ladies. Someone recently shared a book about getting babies to sleep on their own, but I can not remember who it was or where I saw it. The mom said the book was very helpful. I think it was a Catholic mom blogger because I only read Catholic mom blogs, but I may have seen it in my Facebook feed or on Instagram. I now wish that I would have paid better attention to the title of the book. I need that book or any book or a bit of advice that will tell me how to get Mary Rose to nap and sleep on her own. She is my worst sleeper. I am so tired. 

She is waking up to nurse five times at night. At over seven months old, I think (and my pediatrician agrees) that is excessive. And she is not waking up happy. She wakes up angry and demanding. She takes two naps during the day. One is an hour (if that), and the other is half an hour. She is so different from my boys, who were all great sleepers. 

Being a seasoned mom, I feel like I should know what to do, and a lot of the advice I have gotten is to let her cry it out. I am not really into doing that. I am wondering if I should get The No Cry Sleep Solution. Have you read it? Is it any good? 

Anyway, how about a blurry photo of what I and the bad sleeper wore to Mass. 

I wore a Lularoe Nicole and a cardigan and shoes from Target.

We were both tired and cranky during Mass. She got to fall asleep and drool all over me while I sat there sweating. She sure is cute though. And I love her bunches. I just need some sleep!

Rant over! Visit Rosie and the gang for more Sunday fashion. 
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