Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall Fun: A Visit to the Orchard

Monday morning Mary Rose woke with a runny nose and a cough. By Tuesday evening the rest of us were coughing and sneezing. I worried that we would have to back out of our homeschool group's scheduled trip to a local orchard at the end of the week. As the week progressed our symptoms remained the same, but we kept up with our schoolwork, including getting together with another family for science and Latin class. The moms that I talked to about our cold symptoms didn't mind that we might pass the cold on to them, so we kept our plans to meet at the orchard this morning.

The weather was a lovely sixty-six degrees. It wasn't busy, so there weren't lines, and the kids got to play on everything freely. The highlight of the orchard's Fall Fest is a corn maze. The older kids made it through the entire maze, but the moms and the younger children only made it about a third of the way before giving up. While we waited for the big kids to finish the maze, we sat under a tree and ate snacks. As we left, we stopped in the store to buy donuts to take home with us. We had a wonderful time! 

This month I am participating in the Weekly Writing in October challenge hosted by Bobbi at Revolution of Love. My goal is to write eight blog posts this month. This post is post #7.

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