Monday, October 30, 2017

Five Favorites: Knitting Socks

After years of saying I was going to learn how to knit socks, I finally did it. In March I cast on my first sock. So far I have finished one pair of socks and a single sock. Currently, I have three socks on needles that are almost ready for toes. Some people knit socks exclusively, but I like to have sock projects to knit on when I need a break from my larger shawl and sweater projects. Plus, a sock project is very portable because it is so small.

The yarn on the needles is Anne with and E by Nomadic Yarns. The yarn ball is Luna Lovegood by The Yarn Jar.

I wanted to knit socks, but I kept putting it off because I am not a lover of double pointed needles or the magic loop method. I would not be a sock knitter or enjoy the process so much without these five things.

1. This YouTube tutorial by Tina of the Simply in Stitches channel.

Tina has a total of nine videos that take you through the entire process of knitting vanilla (plain) socks from cuff through toe on nine-inch circular needles.

2. ChiaoGoo 9-inch circular needles
I love these little needles. I love them so much that I own four pairs of them. They are sharp but not too sharp, and they are affordable.

3. Bulb Stitch Markers
I did not have these locking stitch markers when I first started knitting socks. I did not love using a slip on stick marker on such a small needle. A couple of months after I started knitting socks, I received a few of the bulb stitch markers in a yarn purchase, so I switched to using them. I love the way they clip onto the stitch instead of hanging off of the needle. Plus I use them to mark every twenty rows so that I know my socks are the same length.

4. Self-striping Yarn
I can confidently say that I will cast-on all future socks projects with self-striping yarn. It is thoroughly enjoyable to watch the stripes form, and knowing that the color change is only a few rows away encourages me to keep knitting. Knit Picks sells an affordable self-striping yarn called Felici, but they do not offer it all year long. Etsy has a lot of shops with self-striping yarn from independent dyers. Two of my favorite self-striping indie dyers are Nomadic Yarns and The Yarn Jar.

5. Fish Lips Kiss Heel
The tutorial above follows a pattern that uses a slip-stitch heel flap with a heel turn and gusset. I enjoyed knitting it the first two times but not as much the third time. I decided to try the Fish Lips Kiss heel from Sox Therapist, and it was a game changer. I have knit the Fish Lips Kiss Heel several times now, and I will not go back to original heel flap and gusset.

Are you a knitter? Do you knit socks?
If you are not a knitter, you may want to check out my Fall in Love With Knitting post.

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