Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Am Grateful: Meeting My Father

Last Monday I met my father for the first time in 41 years. I didn't cry, despite being positive that I would sob. Every day for eight straight days we spent a little time together, talking, piecing together the years that we had missed. I enjoyed my time with him.

It is hard to express my feelings and thoughts over the last twelve weeks. It is a difficult situation, and I believe it has to be lived to be understood. Since the first time my father contacted me, my feelings were all over the place, from hopeful to uncertain, annoyed to tranquil. Underneath all the wavering emotions, was one worry. Could we have a relationship together as father and daughter?

Seeing my father's face quieted my concern. The DNA that he gave me is no longer just words on a screen, but flesh and blood standing in front of me. Finally, I can acknowledge who he is to me and appreciate our shared connection.

I am grateful that my father overcame his rough childhood. I am thankful that he has a loving family, friends he enjoys, and hobbies that keep him busy. I am glad that he made the time to visit with my family and me and introduce us to some of his family. I am thankful that we have the time ahead of us to learn more about each other, build relationships and be a family.

I am full of gratitude to Chris and my mother for the emotional support through the hard years of insecurity and angst. They encouraged me to keep moving forward with the meeting when I let the worry overwhelm me and were physically there for me (and the kids) last week.

I am thankful for my friend, Julie, for buying me the DNA test in the first place.

I am full of praise to God, the author of my life. With His grace and peace, I continue on this journey. My story is unfinished. May God's will be done.

This month I am participating in the Weekly Writing in October challenge hosted by Bobbi at Revolution of Love. My goal is to write eight blog posts this month. This post is post #6.

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