Sunday, October 22, 2017

My Sunday Best #18: A New Dress

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!

Despite Mary Rose's rambunctious behavior during Mass this morning, my family and I have had a wonderful day. After Mass, Thomas went to his religious education class, and the rest of us visited Walmart for motor oil and Halloween candy. Then we drove back to the church, parked the car, and took a quick walk around town until Thomas' class was over. Now we are home relaxing.

Earlier today in the automotive section, they looked so cute standing there in their Sunday best that I had to take their picture! 

This picture was taken before we left for Mass, hence no shoes, but after Mary Rose tried to rip out some of my hair, hence the mischievous look on her face!

I recently bought this Chaps dress from Kohl's. They sell it in two different prints, so I purchased each one. They are currently on sale. Several of the dresses that I bought from Lularoe last year are no longer suitable to wear outside of the house because the fabric is very worn out, so I have been on the search for new dresses.

This evening Chris is going to stay home with the kids, and I am going to have dinner with my father and a few other family members at a local Mexican restaurant.
Last Sunday, I asked for prayers regarding meeting my father for the first time. I know that you have been praying for me because I have felt covered with love and peace all week long. Thank you.

I pray you have a great week! 

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