Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Sunday Best #19: The Beach and New Boots

Happy Sunday!

Thomas has Confirmation prep class after Mass on Sundays. The class isn't long enough for us to drive home and back to church again to pick up Thomas by the end, so we try to find fun things to do around town while we wait for the class to end. Today we stopped by the beach. The weather was beautiful and a little warmer than I expected. 

I snapped a quick picture of Chris and Ralph and then asked Chris to take one of Mary Rose and me. Apparently, we were more concerned with our lovely surroundings then the people whom we were photographing! I am wearing a Lularoe dress and a cardigan from Kohl's (both have made an appearance in previous My Sunday Best posts). My boots are brand new though! I got them for a very affordable price from Amazon. 

Chris and I thought Mary Rose was awful during Mass. She entertained herself by pinching us and singing when everyone else was silent. Not a mean look did we receive, though. All of the older ladies who turned and looked had a friendly smile on their face. As we walked out of the door, Father smiled a huge smile and said enthusiastically, "There she is! She was so good today!" 
I am very thankful to be members of this parish that is full of kind and joyful people.

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