Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Yarn Along {January 2018}

Happy New Year! I am excited that Ginny decided to start Yarn Along again, as knitting and reading are two of my favorite hobbies. I also like that it will only happen once a month. Participating once a month is a pace that I can keep up with easily.

Currently, I am knitting a dress for Mary Rose. I am not following a pattern, but I am taking notes as I knit. I hope to finish it before the end of the month. I want her to have plenty of time to wear it before the weather warms up in the spring. I am also knitting a vanilla sock for me. I only knit vanilla socks, and that fact will probably never change. I am almost ready for the toe. Once I finish this sock, I am going to switch back to my Anne with an E socks.

I usually have several books that I am reading simultaneously, but right now I am only reading one! I started Mrs. Mike, written by Benedict and Nancy Freedman, on New Year's Eve. I am in the middle of chapter eight (about a third of the way through the book), and I am thoroughly enjoying the story so far.

A few days ago, I wrote about my three words for 2018. My words are create, enough, and finish. You can read more about why I have three words in my previous post. One of the guidelines inspired by my three words is that I can not add to my knitting stash this year. I don't have a large stash, but it is big enough to keep me knitting all year. I plan to show updated pictures of my stash quarterly to help me keep track of my progress.

The top picture shows what I think of as my stash. Every project bag has a project in it right now. Then I have a good idea of what I plan to do with the yarn that is in front of the project bags. However, I am not letting myself cast on any new projects until I complete one of the projects that are on my needles. The second picture is of my cotton stash for dishcloths that I knit to give as gifts, and the Vanna's Choice is for beginner knitters when they ask me for a lesson. The lovely green yarn was given to me this Christmas, and I think I may knit Mary Rose a stocking with it. I also have a small basket of odds and ends (mostly fingering weight yarn), but I didn't take a picture of that because it is little and boring. I would love to knit up all of the yarn in the house this year, but if I complete all of the projects that are on needles in my projects bags, I will be content.

For more knitting and reading inspiration, please visit Ginny and the other bloggers that participate in Yarn Along.

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