Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Yarn Along {February 2018}

Despite the fact that my knitting time is limited to early morning and late at night these days due to Mary Rose's insistence that my lovely cakes of yarn should be grabbed and quickly turned into massive knots, I feel happy with what I accomplished over the last month. I finished one project and am currently devoting all my knitting time between two projects. 

Currently, I am spending my mornings and nights knitting on my Scrappy Bias Shawl. I am using lovely yarn from Willow Tree Yarns. The Matryoshka progress keeper is marking the progress that I have made since I picked the shawl back up in mid-January. On Sundays, I work on my socks that I am knitting up with Anne With An E self-striping yarn from Nomadic Yarns, and I am knitting the heels and toes with yarn from Willow Tree Yarns. 

I just started reading the second book in the Eurona Duology, The Great Pursuit, written by Wendy Higgins. I am only a couple chapters in, but already I like it more than the first book in the set. The Great Hunt was just okay in my opinion. Reading it felt like plodding through 406 pages of build-up information that was only mildly entertaining. Honestly, the only reason that I have started reading the second book is that I own it. I got it last year for my birthday, so I figured since it was sitting there on my self I may as well read it. I am hoping that The Great Pursuit redeems the storyline and makes the set worthy of my reading time. 

My finished object from January is the dress that I knit for Mary Rose. I love it. I knit it longer than she needs right now and with shoulder straps that I can adjust in hopes that she will be able to wear it now and next winter. I got a bag of hand-me-downs, and those cute tights in the picture match it perfectly.

For more lovely knitting and book recommendations, please visit Ginny and the gang for Yarn Along.

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