Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Yarn Along {March 2018}

I can't believe it is March already! February moved along so fast, and I felt like we, as a family, were busier than usual. Despite the busyness, I am happy with the amount of knitting that I got done in February. I have several finished objects, but I will talk about them later. Let's move on to what I am currently knitting and reading!

I feel like I am in between knitting projects because I don't have anything substantial on my needles. I have plans to start a shawl, but that won't be for another week, at least. Right now I am devoting my knitting time to a scarf, a dishcloth, and a sock. The scarf is the Ericka Scarf, and it is the fourth one that I have knit. I love this pattern. It is easy to knit and my favorite scarf to wear. I am using Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Prima that has been in my stash since the fall of 2015. It feels good to knit with it after all of this time. I am using the Gramma's Dishcloth pattern to knit my dishcloth. I am using Sugar 'n Cream that I have in my stash. I am knitting the second sock with yarn that I dyed with food coloring and Kool-Aid. The details about how I knit my socks are on my project page if you are interested.

I am still reading the book from last month, The Great Pursuit. I am over the halfway mark, and I am enjoying it. The reason I haven't finished it yet is that I have spent most of my free time knitting while listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I have read the Harry Potter series before, but this is my first time listening to it, and I love Jim Dale's narration. Another book that I have been reading is Make Your bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life and Maybe the World, written by Admiral William H. McRaven. Every morning I read a little aloud to the boys, and we are all enjoying it. It is full of inspiring and sometimes painful stories that are summed up with practical advice and encouragement. It is a perfect read aloud for my fourteen and nine-year-old sons.

Now on to what has come off my needles. I finished my Scrappy Bias Shawl, Campside Shawl, and a second sock to complete a pair. It feels good to get things off of my needles. I started knitting the Campside Shawl in February of 2017, so it felt terrific to pick it back up after ignoring it for ten months and then to complete it finally.

Last but not least, I want to say thanks for all of the lovely comments on last month's Yarn Along post. If you took the time to leave a comment, I want you to know that I read it and appreciated your kind words and the time it took you to leave your comment. I am sorry that I didn't make the time to reply. I promise to make the time to reply in the future.

For more knitting and reading, please visit Ginny and all of the knitters that link-up for Yarn Along.
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