Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Sunday Best and My DNA Ethnicity Estimate Results

Rosie has a new link-up called My Sunday Best. Now that my morning sickness has improved a little I hope to start blogging again, but since my brain is still tired and foggy most of the time, I figure participating in link-ups is my best chance of regularly posting something. I am not into fashion, and I don't look like a model, but I do attend Mass every week, so I decided to join Rosie and her blogging friends and show off my Sunday best.

13 weeks 4 days

The cardigan is St John's Bay from JCPenney. The dress is the Maternity Fit and Flare Nursing dress from Old Navy. The sandals are Sonoma from Kohl's. 
Chris had to work today, so it was just Thomas, Ralph, and me at Mass this morning. Ralph made his First Communion last Saturday, so today was his third time receiving Jesus. I love to see his excitement. We only had one mishap today. Walking to the car, Ralph tripped, fell, and ripped a small hole into his new pair of black pants. Oh well. It was an accident. We all have them!

For my 40th birthday, I was gifted with an AncestryDNA kit from dear family friends. I was very excited to find out my genetic ethnicity estimate. My mother's father knew that both of his parents had immigrated from Hungry as teenagers or young adults. But my mother's mom said that her family had been in America for so long that they no longer knew where they were from, although there were stories of English, Irish, and Dutch ancestors. My father's birth certificate indicated that he was Puerto Rican, but as I never knew him, I always felt unsure of that side of my ethnic heritage. So on the day I was given the kit, I happily open the kit, followed the instructions, sealed it up, shipped it off, and patiently waited for my results. The results came in earlier this week, and I was so excited to learn my ethnicity estimate and share the results with my family and friends. In case you are curious, I have listed my results below. 

Europe 72%
- Great Britain 29%
- East Europe 14%
- Iberian Peninsula 14%
- Scandinavia 7%
- Ireland 3%
- Italy/Greece 3%
- Finland/Northwest Russia 2%

Africa 17%
- Ivory Coast/Ghana 9%
- African Southeastern Bantu 3%
- Cameroon/Congo 2%
- Africa North 2%
- Nigeria 1%

America 6%
- Native American 6% 

West Asia 4%
- Caucasus 3%
- Middle East < 1%

Asia < 1%
- Asia South < 1%

Each region has population history and genetic diversity information to go along with it. I found all the information to be very interesting. 

Any region percentage below 5% is considered a trace region. Ancestry states that since there is only a small amount of genetic evidence to support trace regions it is possible that these regions appear by chance and may not be a part of my genetic ethnicity. 

I am so thankful that my thoughtful friends decided to give me the kit for my birthday. I think it is a great gift for a family member or friend that is interested in their ethnic heritage and Genealogy. Ancestry has matched my DNA to 587 4th cousins (at varying degrees of likelihood). I am not going to connect with any of those people, but I know that some people like to extend their family tree. 
Or buy the kit for yourself! It is fun, and we have had many interesting discussions about my results. 

One last thing, Happy Mother's Day! 

To see what other people wore to church today, check out the My Sunday Best link-up at A Blog For My Mom

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pregnant and 40 {SQT}

I have wanted to make this announcement for weeks, but I was too tired and worried, so I kept putting it off. I am finally ready to share my news Quick Takes style! 

1. My last post was a Yarn Along post in November. That is the month that I decided to stop charting my fertility. I had been charting my cycles using the Creighton Model hoping that it would help us conceive. I also stopped taking prenatal vitamins even though I had been taking them for almost all of my adult life. I was feeling done with my fertility issues. Chris had just celebrated his forty-second birthday, and my fortieth birthday was less than half a year away, so we decided we were getting old, and it was silly of us to keep trying. Yes, silly us thinking we knew what the future held for us.

2. The month of December I followed Shaun T's Cize dance workout schedule. As a result of that program, I lost four pounds. 

3. In January, Chris and I gave up coffee. He switched to green tea. While I started with black tea, I eventually moved on to herbal tea. I also gave up meat and dairy to calm inflammation in my digestive tract. Within a week, I felt so much better and started following a new workout schedule with Turbo Fire. I followed the schedule for eight weeks, and with that program combined with the diet I lost another sixteen pounds. 

4. In February, I prayed the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena. My special intention went something like this, "You know what I want. You know what I need. Do whatever is best." Well, I conceived sometime in February. Most likely the week after Our Lady's feast day. The blessing of this pregnancy is not lost on me, and if this baby is a girl, her name will in some way honor Our Lady. 

5. I had a little bit of spotting early on, but I am on progesterone, and it stopped after two weeks. I got to see the baby by ultrasound at seven weeks, and his(her) heartbeat was strong. I have been suffering from morning sickness, fatigue, and anxiety. It was tough in the beginning, but I started taking prenatal vitamins and supplementing with extra magnesium (Natural Calm) and B-12 (My Kind Organics spray), and I have seen improvements in the morning sickness and anxiety. I have also added a few meat and dairy products back into my diet, with only a few minor flare-ups of inflammation. But I have to say that I will probably never eat ice cream again. 

6. I turned forty a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't even phase me. Being pregnant on your fortieth birthday kind of takes the feeling of getting old out of the milestone birthday. Although, I must mention that I do feel older this pregnancy. Being pregnant at forty is very different than being pregnant at 20, 27, and 32! Every pregnant woman I see looks so much younger than me! 

7. I hit eleven weeks on Wednesday. I did miscarry once at twelve weeks, so I am feeling anxious about my next doctor appointment. But honestly, I will feel anxious about my pregnancy until I deliver this little one. If you would keep us in your prayers, I would really appreciate it! 

For more Quick Takes visit Kelly

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yarn Along 2015 {three}

I absolutely love yarn and books, so I am joining Ginny's Yarn Along again!

Very early in the morning on Sunday, November 15, we loaded up in the car to start our journey down to Orlando for a five day and night stay at Walt Disney World. I wanted an easy knitting project to bring with me, but the three projects that I already had on needles required a bit more effort than I wanted to give while on vacation. So after Mass on Saturday night, I cast on the Ericka Scarf. I had finished one in September and still had the pattern memorized. It was the perfect project for me to bring on the trip, as it was easy to pick up and put down as time allowed. And as for our vacation, we had a fantastic time. 

Currently, I am reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I am only on chapter seven, so I can't say much about it. It is good so far.

What are you currently knitting and reading? 

*The Amazon link is an Affiliate link.*

Monday, November 9, 2015

From Me to You #4 {Giveaway Series}

It is time for the next installment in the giveaway series!

November's giveaway is a $20 credit + shipping to Rakstar Designs

Rakstar Designs is the owned by Rakhi. She is the owner, creator, and designer of all the lovely items found at the shop. Several of her prints add beauty to my home, and I am also a proud owner of one of her necklaces. 

From Rakstar Designs about page: 

"In this station of life, I am aspiring to become a "seasoned amateur" like my dad before me, both in photography and other art forms, primarily digital design, watercolor, and hand-lettering/calligraphy. With the advent of "the YouTube" and online seminars, I am learning as I go, in photography and in other art forms. Rakstar Designs originally began as a photography studio, but has since evolved as my adventures in the creative process ebb and flow their way through time and space." 

And if you don't follow her blog, The Pitter Patter Diaries, yet, you should hop on over there to subscribe! Her blog is one of my favorites! 

Please use the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway. Thank you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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